Items by Course

All items are Vegan.
* Indicates items that can be made gluten-free.
Many items can be made soy-free, oil-free, etc, 
 Just let us know up front
what your needs are:

*Smoky White Bean Dip
*Garlic-Cilantro Hummus
Greek Spanokapitas
*Chinese Potstickers
*Deviled Potatoes 
*Vietnamese Summer Rolls
Indian Samosas
*Mini Burritos
*Jamaican Jerk style Kebabs
*BBQ Kebabs
BBQ Sliders
*Satay Tofu with peanut sauce
Smoked 'Turkey' Pinwheels
Pig in Biscuits
Coastal Cakes
*Fresh Guacamole
*Salsa Fresca
*Black Bean Salsa
*Queso Dip
*Petit Stuffed Mushrooms
*Tuscan Style Frittata
*Fruit Plate with Sweet Dip
*Vegetable Crudites with Dill Dip
*Grilled Marinated Vegetable Tray
*Grilled Portabello Carpaccio wrapped asparagus
Pesto Crostinis
*Antipasto Tray
*Caprese Salad

*Green Island Salad
*Fresh Mex Salad
*Fall Harvest Salad
*Caesar Salad
*Thai Green Papaya Salad
*Asian Soba Noodle Salad
*Mediterranean Salad
*Kale Salad
*Spinach Salad

*Creamy Pesto Pasta
*Pasta Stroganoff
*Lasagna with sun-dried tomatoes and artichokes
 *Eggplant 'Parmesan'
*Grilled Portabello 'steaks'
*Roasted Stuffed Portabellos
Brased seitan 'steaks' with wine reduction and caramelized onions
*Kind Sheperd's Pie
*Lentil Loaf w/mushroom gravy
*Pad Thai Noodles with tofu and vegetables
*Spicy Panang Curry
*Sweet and Savory Musman Curry
*Spicy Green Jungle Curry
*Chana Masala
*Vindaloo Curry
*BBQ Sandwiches
*BBQ tempeh Kebabs w/grilled pineapple
*Black Bean Burgers
*Jamaican Jerk Style kebabs
Paella with artichokes, asparagus, spicy 'sausage' 

*Wild Mushroom Pasta Bolognese
*Stacked Enchiladas 
*'Chicken' Fajitas
*Fiesta Stuffed Peppers
*Cashew Tempeh with Broccoli
*Falafel with Pitas and fix-ins
*Tofu Breakfast Scramble
*Frittata (soy free)
*Breakfast Tacos
Spinach 'Sausage' Quiche

*Steamed White, Brown, Jasmine, or Basmati Rice
*Thai style Sticky Rice
*Mexican Rice
*Pesto Quinoa w/sundried tomatoes
*Cuban Quinoa w/black beans and mango
*Millet Tabouleh
*Grilled Asparagus with hollandaise sauce
*Garlic Almond Green Beans
*Roasted Mixed Veggies (garlic, onions, potatoes, peppers, cauliflower)
*Steamed Veggies (broccoli, zuchinni, carrots)
*Creamy Garlic Smashed Potatoes
*Curry roasted Sweet Potato Fries
*Rosemary Roasted New Potatoes
*Chipolte or Dill Potato salad
*Refried or whole Black Beans
*Refried or whole Pinto Beans

Baked Goods
Corn Bread
Rosemary Foccacia Bread
Muffins (Apple Cinnamon, Banana Nut, Blueberry)
Cookies (Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Sugar,
Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut-butter, Mint-chocolate Chip)
Sandwich Buns (white or whole wheat) from "Red Rabbit Cooperative Bakery"

Crepes with Mixed Berries
*Sticky Rice with Mango
*Cupcakes (various flavors see Cakes page) 
*Chocolate Mousse (choc mint, raspberry choc, peanut butter choc)
*Fruit Cobblers (apple, peach, mixed berry)
*Fresh fruit platters with sweet dipping sauce
*Chocolate Covered Fruits
*Soy or Coconut-based ice creams and soy whipped cream
can be
provided to accompany as well

*Wedding Cakes:

See our Cakes page for more details